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Kushing To The Limit

First-Time Patients

• $40 MIN = 4 Gram Top Shelf 1/8oz
• $50 MIN = Free Top Shelf Preroll 
• $75 MIN = Free 1/2g Bubble Hash & Free Top Shelf Pre-Roll
• $100 MIN = Free 1g Top Shelf Flower and 1/2g Bubble Hash
• $200 MIN = 2 Free Top Shelf Flower and Gram of Bubble Hash

Marijuana Delivery Service

At Kushing To TheLimit we are a marijuana delivery service that is passionate about providing our patients with the finest quality medication at an affordable cost. Our friendly staff is available to answer any questions or to assist you in choosing the best medication for your health and wellness. We offer marijuana delivery service, cannabis delivery service, and weed delivery service. Some of specialties include:

Marijuana Delivery Service
Cannabis Delivery Service
Marijuana Edibles
Marijuana Concentrates
Marijuana Hash Delivery

Kushing To TheLimit provides marijuana hash delivery to the entire city of Los Angeles, Kushing To TheLimit has one of the largest retail marijuana product inventory including marijuana concentrates.  We sell top of the line marijuana edibles and provide the best marijuana delivery service, marijuana hash delivery and marijuana concentrates. We provide great customer service; not to mention we have amazing products for great prices, so schedule a cannabis delivery service with us today!


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